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Welcome to the Iris Bromige section of my web site.

In 1983 I left home with my mother's copy of 'The Challenge of Spring' in my bags and have been working on my Iris Bromige collection ever since. In the late 90s when I 'discovered' the Internet I looked around for information about Iris Bromige and her books and was disappointed not to find anything of note. No website? Why on earth not? With my rudimentary html skills (the result of a seven-day free online tutorial on the subject) I set about making a website. It's still very basic and I still wish I could get more organised and add more to it.

Though it might take me years to get around to processing it, please do email me if you have any corrections or additions which will help to improve these pages.

Thanks need to go to all the people who have contacted me and shared their lists of books, characters, publication dates, and most of all to those who have sent me books. I would love to name you all but I'm a hopeless administrator and I've long since lost your emails. That doesn't mean I'm not grateful!

Author Biography

Not much is known about Iris Bromige - at least not by me! I had the opportunity to purchase an auction lot that included personal letters, manuscripts, family photos, etc, but instead opted for the other lot with the first edition hardbacks and rare titles. Did I do the wrong thing? Hard to say. Naturally, any information you might have would be very welcome.

List of Titles

Not only a list of titles but a method of accessing the 'catalogue cards', web pages that give dust jacket illustrations, blurbs, and editions and reprint information.

Character Index and Biography

The woefully sketchy and incomplete section on each of the major characters; their lives and their appearances in books other than their 'own'.


Another section that needs work. Eventually it will list the towns and villages in which the stories are set. Also houses by name and some businesses.

The Rainwood Family Tree

A list of the members of Iris Bromige's most famous family - the Rainwoods. This page sets out their relative ages, marriages, and children.

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